HSBC Client Spotlight, Fluid Energy Group Ltd.

HSBC talked with Triton Cleaning Products® (a division of Fluid Energy Group Ltd.®) President, Chad Leier and featured our company as an HSBC Client Spotlight.

Watch the featured video below and visit the HSBC website for the full Client Spotlight story.

Story Summary

Fluid Energy Group Ltd., is a leading innovator in developing low-hazard, technically advanced chemical systems that are safer and more environmentally friendly. To meet the growing demand for medical supplies, the company knew Canada would need to start producing them domestically. Company leadership began thinking of ways to shift the production from chemical systems to hand sanitizers.

With the help of HSBC, Fluid Energy was able to secure resources to make hand sanitizer products that were safe and highly effective for both consumers and front-line workers. Within three days of the initial call from the Canadian Government, Fluid Energy successfully obtained an NPN site license and product approval. The company has now supplied over 7 million litres of hand sanitizer to locations across the country to protect Canadians against COVID-19.