Surface Disinfectant

Viruses and bacteria can live for an extended period of time on surfaces. This increases the risk of picking them up unknowingly and with ease. Treated with our surface disinfectant formula, commonly contacted surfaces are much less likely to harbour these dangerous microbes. Triton Cleaning Products® Surface Disinfectant is an industrial and domestic surface disinfectant that kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, mould and mildew.

We have the ability to supply large amounts of surface disinfectant through our global supply chain and can efficiently set up contracts with large corporations, medical industry, and government. Contact us to learn more, obtain product data or safety sheets, and to order.

Government of Canada DIN 02500361

Product Sizes Available*

950 ml Spray Bottle, 3.8 L, 20 L Pail, 1,000 L IBC

*Based on availability

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