Triton currently utilizes only FCC Monograph (food grade) or USP Monograph ethanol for its sanitizer production – both of which are safe for use by children.

  • Our Purpose

    Triton Cleaning Products® formulates and produces the highest level of technically-advanced, environmentally responsible and quality-controlled cleaning products available. 

Featured product

Triton Clean Shots™

  • $50.00

Hand Hygiene in a Hurry™

You can count on Triton Clean Shots™. No matter when or where you need to sanitize, Triton Clean Shots single-use packets are there to help keep you and those around you safe – quickly and easily. The easy-to-use, convenient packets fit in wallets, purses, lunch bags, briefcases and pockets.


Simply snap the packet and you’ve got enough sanitizer to coat your hands. Rub thoroughly into hands and allow to dry. Clean Shots provide an innovative, portable format of Triton™ Hand Sanitizer Gel formula.

  • Ready whenever you need it
  • Effectively kills harmful bacteria/germs
  • Antiseptic gel skin cleanser
  • Ideal when soap and water aren’t available
  • Easy, one-handed dispensing
  • Fast-acting and quick-drying

Box includes 250 Triton Clean Shots™ Single-Use Packets