Triton currently utilizes only FCC Monograph (food grade) or USP Monograph ethanol for its sanitizer production – both of which are safe for use by children.

  • Our Purpose

    Triton Cleaning Products® formulates and produces the highest level of technically-advanced, environmentally responsible and quality-controlled cleaning products available. 

  • Clean Shots™

    This advanced hand sanitizer is
    a unique, single serving of Triton Life Sciences® effective hand sanitizer gel formula, with 70% alcohol content. It is a convenient format that fits in purses, lunch bags, briefcases and pockets - ready when you need it.

It is Our Responsibility to Ourselves, our Clients, and our Environment to be Honest and Responsible.

We are constantly improving the quality of our services, products and operations. Through persistence we have created a reputation for honesty, respect, integrity, and sound business judgment.